New Society Feature - The ONYX Member Gallery - Share Your Workouts + Before & After Images


The ONYX Society has launched a new and exciting feature.  ONYX members now have the ability to share their own personal workout images, which are located in a specific “member gallery”.  Uploading of media also exists via the member wall or status update option. 

Additional Features:

  • Private Messaging:  Private message other members at your club, other clubs, personal trainers and staff.
  • Goals:  Keep track and set realistic workout goals with times.
  • Friends & Groups:  Add friends and create groups (ie: Group Class Besties)
  • Member Wall & Status Update:  Keep others up to date with your progress, share your thoughts, feelings and anything in general.
  • Member Discussion/Forum:  Share workout tips, advice and converse with other members and staff in the ONYX Society Discussion boards.

What is #ONYXsociety?

For those who haven’t already signed up for the #ONYXsociety or who don’t know what the #ONYXsociety is, it’s a state of the art social networking platform that is a custom ONYX creation.  The platform allows ONYX Health Club 24/7 members the opportunity to interact with one another, keep track of their workout goals and empowers individuals to stay on track with their fitness aspirations.

How To Join?

Joining the ONYXsociety & adding to the gallery takes less than 60 seconds.  Simply visit, to signup for an ONYX Society account and then visit


NOTICE:  The ONYX Society is currently open to the general public.  However, this is only for a limited time.