Member: "Parma Is The Most Innovative, Game Changing & Trendsetting Gym Franchise" (Cleveland Gym Feedback)


ONYX Health Club 24/7 opened up their newest facility on 10/25/2018 in Parma, Ohio.  The club is now home to more than 2,500 local Parma residents and those who commute in and around the area.  The following is a submission on behalf of a new member to the Parma ONYX.  Visit Parma ONYX online at

James S., Parma, Ohio:

My name is James S., I’m 31 years old and grew up in Westlake and currently reside in Parma, Ohio.  I’ve been working out over the course of the past 10 years fairly routinely.  My first gym experience came with Urban Active in Crocker Park in 2008 and I worked out there until about 2012 when the company switched ownership and became LA Fitness.  I like Urban for their trendsetting and stylish approach, TV’s everywhere, swimming pool and movie theater.  I thought that it was a workout paradise, and it was.  I also liked the staff and the people that worked out there, plus it was convenient to where I lived at the time.  It was an overall grade A gym.  The gym swiftly went downhill in my opinion once LA Fitness took over, the personalities changed, the color scheme changed, some of the amenities shifted and I just lost interest in the club in general.  I felt like I needed somewhere new to workout…

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Grand opening in Parma Ohio 10/25/2018

As it so happened I wound up relocating to Parma and began working out at a Planet Fitness.  I needed the 24/7 access as my hours at work had became quite extensive and wasn’t really focusing on my workout regiment as much as I had in the previous four years.  Planet Fitness seemed like the perfect place, it was cheap, had tanning beds and massage chairs to top it all off and so I was set.  I worked out there up until ONYX opened in October 2018.  To be honest, over the past ten years I’ve fluctuated greatly with my motivation, and wasn’t entirely sure if it was just me, or more of the methodical method of just working out and dieting properly.  As soon as I stepped into the ONYX Health Club facility in Parma, I knew that it wasn’t just my fault, the lack of motivation, but also pertained to the environment around me.

My personal opinion, just when I drove onto the property, I saw this massive building that was just screaming “come see me” and when I walked up the green steps and finally had the ability to take a look around the club, I knew that I had stepped foot into “the most innovative, game changing & trendsetting gym franchise in Cleveland”.   Setting aside the Cavalier Cheerleaders, setting aside the Mayor and all of the other people that had come.  Setting aside the fact that I heard about the gym on Q104 radio the day before and that’s what prompted me to visit the gym which is about 5 minutes drive from my house.  Setting aside those factors, the most important thing for me was that the staff were all friendly, and they are still friendly to this day.  They are actually normal people who enjoy their careers and aren’t just there to take your money.

I enjoy everything, from the color scheme, the music played, the extra room (I think it’s called the multi purpose room) where I can go after my workout and use the battle ropes, olympic rings do some pull ups and some light based rock climbing.  I love the fact that I can drop my son off at the Kids Klub for 2 hours (even if I don’t workout there).  Other gym’s make you workout while your children are in the kids clubs, not here, you have a 2 hour window whether your working out or not.  That’s awesome as heck!

I also loved being able to talk to the owner and he shared his ideas of the future of the gym.  He seems like a really down to earth individual as well.  He shared how he has plans on continuing to expand and to grow at the Parma location and actually asked me what my ideas and thoughts were.  Someone who is from Cleveland, a company that is from our area that actually cares about me as a person instead of how much money I have that I can spend.  Rare.

The machinery is all for the most part brand new, there’s a private classroom, even though I don’t take the classes, but some of the personal training and one on one takes place in there, which is fine by me.  I love the bathrooms which are huge.  Bigger than almost any other gym’s bathroom so you don’t have people standing on top of you when they are changing or taking a shower.

I could go on and on here.  This club is by far the most motivating experience ever.  Simply because it doesn’t just do what every other gym is doing.  ONYX actually involves you, from your workout to the amenities to what you would like to see happen, they are constantly evolving, in just a few short weeks of being open I’ve continuously seen new things being added, staff talking about new features coming.  One of the current features I truly enjoy and think will be great is the ONYX Society social platform as well.  I think once more members sign up there, it’s going to help increase my overall fitness as well.  Just wanted to say thanks for building one of, if not the best gym ever from Cleveland, thanks for coming to my hometown and I’ll definitely be a long time member!

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