Burn Fat, Track Your Weight & Check Your BMI Online (Free Online Weight Tracker)



If you’re interested in burning fat, tracking your weight and determining your BMI online – well, now you can!  ONYX Health Club 24/7 is providing all guests and existing members with a free online weight tracker.  This easy to use service will allow you to enter your weight, body measurements, age and other important factors necessary to determine your appropriate values.  After you’ve filled out the fields, you will have access to your immediate results.  Moving forward, if you continue to use our free online tool, you will be able to tract your weight and other important factors over time – which are displayed in a computer chart.

Privacy Note:  Nobody else can see your stats or charts other than yourself.  Your information upon registering to use our free tool however will be used by an ONYX Health Club 24/7 near you and you may receive a free 14 day trial offer via email or over the telephone.

Getting Started

1.)  Setting Your Target Weight:  Your target weight is the weight that you would like to reach.  This is your desired goal.

2.)  Setting Your Actual Weight:  After selecting today’s date, be sure to enter your actual weight for the day.

3.)  Utilizing The Chart:  After you’ve entered numerous weights and dates, a chart will show.

Even More Features

You will have access to even more features such as BMR calculations, Harris Benedict Formula, Recommended Calorie Intake Per Meal, Macronutrients Calculator & Additional user preference fields after you have used the tool consistently throughout the month of November.  After keeping track of your target weight consistently, you will have access to all of these additional features come December 1st, 2018!

Free Online Tracker

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