The best equipment for results

The best equipment for results

What exercise equipment = the best results??
Variable resistance (machines that you change the weight settings with a
pin) compared to free weight / functional training is a great place to start
and then maintain your fitness level. Putting resistance on your muscles in any
modality will build muscle, the type of training you do should be based on your
personal goals, health and time available. Using variable resistance machines
is fine for the person trying to maintain a level of fitness and appearance or
someone just starting an exercise program, however free weights, depending on
weight, reps and rest will give you size and or definition. Functional training
gives you the type of strength used for playing sports and daily activities
like changing a tire or shoveling snow from your driveway. For the best gains,
as well as functional strength try training using all modalities. Try incorporating
kettle bells, TRX bands, battle ropes, boxing, Tabata, as well as traditional weight
lifting into your workouts. To make your workouts efficient as well as effective,
remember to always ask to be shown proper form for all exercises on unfamiliar
equipment. There is constantly new exercise equipment coming out on the market with
lots of promises for great results, not all promises are necessarily true. Do not
sacrifice hard work and a good diet for an impressive sales pitch.

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